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Love Over Fear - Taking a Leap of Faith

Tonight I sit here thinking about all the wasted time I have spent on fear and how it has driven me to give up and to lose faith and this is all because I did not remember a few valuable principles along the way through my journey.

Let me just first start by saying we have to go through these experiences of forgetting so we can remember and each time we remember we get stronger, wiser, and more self-aware. Second, just because I teach this does not mean I do not go through similar lessons because I believe fully in the fact that teachers have to practice what they preach. So as I tell others to face themselves I too have to face myself.

So with that being said, I would like to talk about the following video: I Jumped the World’s Most Extreme Skydive which is about Ammar Kandil’s journey to reaching his ultimate goal of skydiving from extreme heights. Now let me tell you I’ve been facing fears and taking leaps of faith for most of my life but he takes it quite literally and frankly he has inspired me and brought tears to my eyes tonight when I watched this video. Why? This is because of my opening statement about wasting time and some negative feelings I had towards myself and then remembering that as we are out there working towards our goals we are going to have setbacks and as we have these setbacks we have a choice to keep moving or give up. Sometimes we choose giving up and then get back in the saddle later on down the road & sometimes we continue on with more determination. The point is that we are going to have these times and they are created to make us face ourselves and as Ammar and his group of friends would say: “Seek that discomfort” because it’s in our discomfort that we will find freedom. I for one agree with them.

I throw this question out there: How many times have you held yourself back because of what other people would think? Or you were doing what you thought was the right thing? How many times have you let other people’s opinions prevent you from being the beautiful authentic soul that you are?!?

I like that a lot of you have built a life on the principle of “just do it” and then there are some programs we have that will try to hold us back and cause discomfort in the body and I say to those things GOOD! Because those are the exact areas we need to face. Now I’m not saying go jump out of a plan like Ammar but what I am saying is there are things all of us want to do and we have held back. I love to travel and I had held myself back on a lot of traveling because of the fear of not having enough money. So my leap of faith was to start just doing what I could at that moment and being grateful for those experiences and then more experiences came into my life. These included people paying for me to travel and also the money appeared that I needed to travel to other places. As some of you know I co-own a business where I build conferences on cruise ships and I started this because I wanted to travel more and connect with people of like mind. In 2019 we took 126 people on a cruise in the Caribbean and it was an amazing experience. Now I've had many people tell me that they wish they could go but can’t afford it and these are the same words I said for many years (and this is why there is no judgment) but then one day I took a leap and paid for a 4-day cruise to go to one of the Mayan pyramids and within 3 months I was on this cruise. I tell this story because yes it was a bit tight financially to make that happen but then each time I said “YES” it got easier. I started making money or the price had a reduction. What is required of me is to say “Yes” which is what Ammar’s Youtube Channel is called “Yes Theory” so if you get a moment go check them out but most of all start saying yes to you!

Much Love,


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