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Feed the Relationships That Inspire You Not the Ones That Annoy You

No doubt we all have those days where everything gets on our nerves and we are just plain annoyed. This can mean the closest people to us annoy us and we can tend to be grouchy.

With this being said it’s what we do with this annoyance that can define who we are and what we attract into our lives. Instead of focusing on all the negative, flip that and focus on the things that bring us joy and inspiration. This I realize can be a challenge as we deal with other people or just the circumstances of life and with that being said I know we are all up for the challenge! We can change this world and change our lives by changing where we put our attention. As the old saying goes “energy follows intention.”

So what do you want to feed today? What annoys you or what brings you inspiration?

Much Love,


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